A Typical Class of Matsumura Seito Karate

Though there is not usually a 'Typical' class -  the following is a general rule of thumb.

The reason being that each individual would need to concentrate on certain aspects of the art for either understanding or corrections.


1.    Warm-ups            Generally about 15 minutes     before class a small routine of stretching is done to limber up. This can include pushups, sit-ups, etc for general core building.


2.    Fundamentals        These are a series of the basic punches/blocks/kicks done round-robin style.  Generally called 'Basics', without these done correctly, you have no foundation to build upon.  Normally called 'circle work'.


3.    Kata                       All of the 'SECRETS' of Matsumura Seito are contained within our core kata.  All this means is that the Kata teach fundamentals methods of movement that are correct. 


4.    Bunkai                   These are self-defense techniques gleaned from the Kata.  I think that these help make the kata come 'Alive'.  Used this way, the Kata can become your own.  There are both high and low levels of understanding.


5.    One-Steps              These are basically two person drills used to train in both attack and defense.  Higher levels of one steps will be using higher levels of change-body (a method of making an attacker miss).


6.   Self-Defense            These are fun little exercises in self-defense.  Scenarios are set up for you to defend yourself in real-life situations (sitting, walking, etc.)  Also this is a good time to go over some of the Okinawan locks and holds. 


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