Isshinryu katas

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Isshinryu katas

Postby CharlesV » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:16 am

A list of Isshinryu katas in order that we learn them.

Open hand kata Origin Notes
Seisan Shorin-ryu (Kyan)
Seiuchin Goju-ryu
Neihanchi Shorin-ryu (Motobu) Isshinryu starts kata from left to right
Wansu Shorin-ryu (Kyan)
Chinto Shorin-ryu (Kyan)
Kusanku Shorin-ryu (Kyan)
Sanchin Goju-ryu
Sunsu Isshinryu Shimabuku's own kata

We have several kobudo katas but, being an orange belt, am not familiar with them yet. My son, John, is 8 and a green belt, is working on a bo kata, Tokomine no Kun.
"There is good and bad in the universe and we should adapt to all situations." - Tatsuo Shimabuku, founder Isshinryu Karate

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