Obama's Critical Success Factors - Defined -

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Obama's Critical Success Factors - Defined -

Postby F & C Farm » Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:46 am

Evidently Obama's "Critical Success Factors" for America, based upon 1.5 years in office are:

1. Create a permanent voting block of socialists to enslave the productive segment
2. Empower a captive global media monopoly to invite relentless disavowal of the American way of life
3. Recruit the Academy to provide "scientific and intellectual" cover for his ideas and form an "elite" cadre
4. Declare open economic warfare on American small business
5. Capture primary industry especially the delivery of daily services such as Banking and Health Care
5. Rewrite history of American exceptionalism to erase our Historical Memory and Traditions
6. Create a political rift between followers of Christian faith and continue to Secularize religious institutions
7. Redefine Israel in the minds of Christians and Jews as a mere equivalent to other beliefs
8. Erase all American boundaries - geographic, English language, legal foundation, culture
9. Attack Capitalism as an economic system of organizing resource and exchange
10. Remove incentives to innovate and compete
11. Control wealth by supplanting the private sector with government finance
12. Redefine electoral system of government to a system of Presidential Appointments
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