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Monthly Update for March of '09

March so far has been really busy.  I've been taking the pups over on the weekends and letting them run wild.  Carol's pup Lucy is such a great dog to have around.

First off, picked up another load of horse manure for the garden.  Then cut some trees from around the area that was blocking some sun.  I still have a couple more on the east side to get.  And then of course, many hours of cutting and stacking the wood, clearing out the brush.

We picked up some fruit trees and blueberry bushes.  This meant even more tree cutting and more stacking, dragging, etc.  It's a great way to lose weight! :-)

But now we have three apple trees (one Granny Mmith and two Macintosh's), a peach, black cherry and a Bartlett pear.  We now have a total of 3 blueberry bushes (two the same kind) and I replanted some of the wild raspberries and bought another.

Carol thinks she also wants a fig tree.  I'll check at the Crossville flea market the next time I'm close and see what other goodies I can plant.

I was able to get the garden turned the last of February.  Then got it disked the 8th.  Barely got the onions and potatoes in the ground before the monsoon weather struck.

I also get out 20 asparagus roots and some strawberries.  If it doesn't rain today (19th), I should be able to get the beets in the ground this weekend.  I may put out some cabbage this year also. 

Earlier I started my above ground seeds.  Also some tobacco seeds - both burley and a sweeter leaf variety for some chewing tobacco.  I'll probably have to plow up another section for the tobacco.  Carol also picked me up some peanuts to plant.  Why not :-)  My uncle raised a bunch when we were kids.. lots of homemade peanut butter.

Now I have to put up some better fencing around the darn thing.  I'm getting tired of the ground hogs and raccoons knocking down my tomatoes to get to the corn!  Plus all the rabbits! 

Looks like next month we are going to get a couple of goats.  I have the fence ready to go.  Just got to get the shelter put together. 


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