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Monthly Update for July of '09

Finally!  Time for an update.

July has been sooooo busy!  I'm out of the cast and finally out of the high tech brace.  So able to do a bit.  The garden is a bit of a disaster though.  Weeds took it mostly over.  I was able to keep the okra and most of the tomatoes cleaned out.  Managed to can a few pints of beets.  That looks to be about it.

But on a good note, we finally have some critters on the farm!

Here are Scarlet and Dottie!

They have been on the farm about two weeks.  Scarlet ( the one on the left) is due to have kids in a tad over a month.  She is around 6 years old and mostly a pet.  Dottie could be with kids - not sure yet.  She is around a year and a half and still a bit skittish.  But she is now starting to eat out of our hands and will allow a bit of petting.  They are already starting to make a difference in all the brush.


We now have our chickens over!

We lost four at our home in Cookeville - a possum dug in under their cage and got them.  We remedied that by installing chicken wire on the bottom also.  josh has almost completed the top half of the chicken condo (nest boxes, food/water).


Our only issue now is that we have 7 cockerels and only 5 pullets!


We now have 3 kittens staying with us.

Just for fun - here are a few more pics.

Our daughter that has moved to Colorado has a new web site up and running!  Please check out her site: Yeroc's Handmade Jewelry

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