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Monthly Update for April of '09

Well, so far April has posed some issues.  I took a fall at work - fell up stairs and popped the bicep tendon from my right arm.  Now I am essentially left-handed only - I'm right-handed.  Now I have my tendon screwed back into my lower arm, and am in a cast for a few weeks.  The orthopedic surgeon says that I should be right as rain in 4 - 6 months.

Which leaves most of the farm stuff to the rest of the family.  We got most of the rest of the garden set out.  My potatoes are up and looking really good.  With so much rain that we have been having, had to ignore the planting signs and just get the stuff in the ground in between monsoons.

We now have us some chicks!  These are 'Buff Rocks'.  A great dual purpose bird that does well confined or free range.  Ms. Carol loves them because they are naturally blonde! :-)

Now I just have to get a good sized portable coop and run put together!


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