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Welcome to Frank & Carol's Farm web site.

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Oh My, what a journey so far!  This is going to be a chronological journey of our adventures with a mini-farm.  A bit of history may be in order.  Carol and I wed a tad over three years ago.  She being a Yankee from Connecticut and I being a somewhat displaced Tennessee hillbilly.  A while back we did a small trip to Chattanooga, TN.  On the way back, we tried a different route up highway 127 (a friend of mine had mentioned  that this was a very pretty drive).  We had been toying with the idea of purchasing some land, preferably closer to my work.  We had looked at several properties before, but none had pleased both of us.  Coming through Pikeville, we saw a ad on a Century 21 sign that caught our attention:

So this begins our tale!

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We checked on this property and really liked what we saw.  A creek running through part of it and two natural springs.  Some really overgrown fields, etc.  We made an offer, haggled just a bit, and now we own it!  We had a survey completed and found that the actual acreage was 24.33.  Wow, 20% more land for the same price.


Now, every weekend we have been going over and starting the cleanup.  We have made some progress around part of the creek and the front of the property.   Not long after we bought the property (actually the next day!!) we found a farm truck that caught our fancy.  The price was right and two days after signing our lives away on the property, we now have a farm truck!

This is a long bed 1984 Dodge Ram with a 318.  Everything works on her, and she is a true work horse!  I used her to pull out a bunch of logs from the creek.  She would get to spinning tires, but never bogged down.  Josh now knows what a 'granny' gear is for!

We now have another puppy addition to the family.  Her name is Lucy (I call her Lucy-Fur).  These pictures were taken of her at around 5 months.  Cooper (our mini-dachshound) is doing well, and puts up with her.



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